There is a new option to make it even more powerful our Syngas analyzer MCA 100 Syn; from now, you can sample up to 8 measuring points, through a sequence can be set freely from the screen Touch-Screen installed on the analyzer MCA 100 Syn (and changed at any time), in a cyclic manner .
The new MPS ETG MCA 100 Syn is installed in a box the same size syngas analyzer ETG MCA 100 Syn (for the characteristics of the analyzer click here: ), which this option makes it incredibly modular .
It is sufficient to install neighbors, connect with the cable provided and start the measurement, of course, for each measurement point is provided a digital output to indicate at what point the system is performing the analysis .
The expansion ETG MCA 100 Syn MPS allows to analyze up to 8 measuring points, while maintaining the same high performance of our analyzer ETG MCA 100 Syn, at a cost decidedly less.
Its use is particularly directed to the facility and for those who need to monitor multiple points of measurement of biogas, while maintaining a single analyzer.