Online monitoring of calorific value in fuel gases.
The Wobbe Index (WI) expresses the heating value (known as calorific value) of gases used as fuels, taking into account the proportionality of calorific value to the specific gravity, or the density ratio between the given fuel gas and air. More precisely, the specific gravity is proportional to flow velocity through a constant orifice size at a constant pressure, and thus proportional to gas calorific value.
The ETG 6700 puts continuous Wobbe Index monitoring and control in the hands of fuel gas producers, distributors, or anyone requiring WI readings for process optimization.
BTU/Wobbe content measurement ,C1-C5 hydrocarbon separation  & total gas analysis  
Continuous flow-through analysis , Very fast response,New technology based on IR TF , Any carrier gas or utilities, Alternative to GC technique, Permanent Span calibration.
Main Applications are : Natural gas quality and composition, BTU/Wobbe Index measurement, Fuel Blending and control, Gas turbine,engines,fuel cells, Biogas and Syngas fuel, Blast furnace gases, Biomethane production, Natural gas quality, Air demand for combustion control, Refineries flare stacks, etc….